What is foot handle door opener?StepNpull® The Foot Handle foot operated door openers offer a low-cost and effective way to ensure your customers, employees and visitors have a germ free option when exiting a non-sterile area like a bathroom. It also enables hands free access to areas where a door pull is a necessity.

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? ??? ?? ?? ?? ??What is an arm pull door opener?What is an arm pull door opener?The Sanitary arm-pull door opener helps you in protecting the safety of your employees, customers, and families by preventing the spread of germs and other microorganisms. It is made of first-grade stainless steel that contributes to it being sturdy and long-lasting.

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? ??? ?? ?? ?? ??What is stepnpull door opener?What is stepnpull door opener?StepNpull® is a hands-free and foot-operated door opener that works on any commercial solid core wood or metal door. Prevent the spread of germs, reduce costs. Sanitary and cost effective. Available in three stylish finishes.

StepNpull Hands-Free Foot Operated Door Handle

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Hands-Free Sanitary Foot Pull Operated Door Handle Opener

Prevent the spread of viruses and germs with our Hands-Free Sanitary Foot Pull Operated Door Handle Opener. Just step down on the opener, and pull back with your foot to pull the door back and open the door without touching that filthy door handle. Made from tough, rust resistant 0.060” thick stainless steel, and 3” in width with serrated teeth for a secure grip, our door opener …

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